Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

“It is our mission to improve, preserve, and vigorously protect the quality of our natural resource for the benefit of all who surround and use it.  Through education and implementation of remedial and proactive measures, we will achieve a sustainable balance of flora, fauna, and recreation for ourselves and those who follow us.”

Due to popular demand Cindy Fetsch will be placing another Grace Lake apparel order. Please text or email if you would want any merchandise! 2187791638

More Cabin Crawl pics!!!

The Cabin Crawl was a great success!!  A total of almost $11000.00 was raised to fight Aquatic Invasive Species.  A HUGE Thank you to our great membership for the outpouring of support!!

Bear Sightings!!!

There have been numerous Bear Sightings around the lake.  The common factor seems to be bird feeders and such. Please be careful when going outside!!!

Spring Has Sprung!!

If you rent your cabin please take a look at the AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES page for a sample letter that will be of good use to stopping the spread of AIS to our fabulous Grace Lake.

This item is still not claimed.  If this is yours please call Doug Goodman 239-634-2262

Grace Lake Water Quality Summary Report link below.
Pages 1 and 20 are very interesting to read!!

Attention all Grace Lakers!!!
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Great News about the former Grace Lake Junkyard!!!

January 26, 2018

Dear Friends

As you may have observed, the junk yard cars have been removed from 10158 North Grace Lake Road, S.E. Bemidji, Minnesota. Brent Rud, Beltrami County Director of Environmental Services assures us that the remaining clean-up of that property will begin in the spring of 2018.

Beltrami County Board of Commissioners has been responsive to our oral and written requests for help in dealing with the documented, dangerous, unsanitary, health and safety standards required by the County and Frohn Township. County Administrator, Kay Mack, our District 1 Commissioner, Keith Winger, as well as Brent Rud, his associate, Shawn Foley, and the new County Attorney, Dave Hansen, have demonstrated their commitment to resolve this long standing violation.

Brent Rud has encouraged us to continue to monitor their progress and let him know if the promised follow- up actions do not meet expectations. His telephone number is 219 333 4158.

Our thanks to Grace Lake residents, Richard Sampson, Rick Black and former Hubbard County Sheriff Frank Homer, for their assistance in this matter.

A copy of this letter has been sent to the Frohn Township Board as well as those mentioned above.


Robert Brouse and Jim Kramer,
Members,  Grace Lake Watershed Development Association

Thank you, Bob, for being so consistently supportive of the tough work we do.   I do think that we work well with our citizens and as a team, but it is always good to get this kind of encouragement. 
Have a glorious weekend! 
Kay L. Mack, Beltrami County Administrator

RMB LABS This is a great website whose service Grace Lake utilizes.  Please take some time and visit this site

Meeting Minutes are posted on MINUTES page.

Please check out the newly added Sampson Presentation page LINK!!!

This is the Link for the video about Starry Stonewort we watched at the meeting.

Additional donations for Grace Lake can be made to the NW MN Foundation. Please specify Spendable Project Fund  or call 1-800-659-7859.

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

According to Bob Brouse life is "a bowl of cherries and maybe home made cookie when you live at Grace Lake"
I have to agree!!

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