If you have lost or found something please email Doug Goodman at  dgoodman675@yahoo.com and it will be put on this page!!

If You Lost This Boogie Board Call Deb Dahl Elliott

My son’s GoPro camera fell off of our jetski a few days ago (July 2nd). It is waterproof up to 33 feet deep. If it washes up on anyone’s shore please contact Angie Schwab or Bob Rood through Doug Goodman at dgoodman675@yahoo.com

1. John Fossum found:  4 by 4 dock section.  320-492-3453
2. John Knudson lost: a piece of his dock. 701-330-7186 or knudx2@gra.midco.net
3.  Tomy Hegland found:  several pieces of someone’s dock.  218-751-5123
4.  Chris and Kelly Keenan lost:  4 by 4 cedar dock section, found: pink innertube air mattress-surf board shaped item (it is tied to their tree).  ckeenan@paulbunyan.net
5.  Botsfords lost:  dock sections (two 2 by 8 wooden beach dock sections and one 4 by 4 cedar dock section).  701-213-6691
6.  Lost:  small blue kayak, large tan kayak.  If found, please call Tim Peterson at 701-215-1923.

We are selling our 21' Melges C-Scow sailboat as we have downsized to a smaller sailboat.   The boat is fast and fun, but requires minimum of two people to sail it.  Good shape for it's age, in good working order, and ready to sail.  Comes with two Bower sails, sail bag, and trailer.   Asking $1,300 with trailer or $1,000 without.   I'm putting it on Craigslist but wanted to give GLA members first chance as it would be nice to continue to see it on Grace Lake.   Anyone interested should call me at:   751-3784 or e-mail at:  jbblessing@hotmail.com.     Thanks for posting.

My name is Lori Proulx, my husband Matthew and I are new to Grace Lake last summer.  I lost a yellow kayak at the beginning of fall.  Being new
to the lake I wasn't quite sure how to get the word out to the neighbors.  We later realized there was a Grace Lake web site, thanks to Bob Brouse.
Anyway,  It was brand new, bright yellow in color and the brand is a Pelican Trailblazer.  If you could get advertise it in the lost-n-found that would be much appreciated.
Thank you.  By the way, we LOVE the lake.
Lori Snyder-Proulx
Please email Doug Goodman if you have any information!!!!

Is anyone missing a Cabela’s dark blue life jacket?  If so, it is hanging on a tree stump at Juntunen’s cabin.

Dick Mason found a manual for a John Deere STX 38 Lawn Tractor in the ditch near his place.  Someone around the lake may have lost it when they were mowing or if they were moving their mower on a trailer.
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