Board of Directors Meeting

Date:  June 16, 2018

Time:  9:00 a.m.

Location:  Doug and Julie Goodman residence

Present:  Doug Goodman,  Jon Blessing, Dick Sampson, Steve Novak

New Business:

  1.  Discussion on need for Fall Meeting 2018.  Motion and second to have fall meeting August 25, 2018, 10:00 a.m. at Bible Camp.  Motion passed.

      2.   Discussion on Agenda for August 25 meeting.  Items for agenda to include:

                a.  Guest Speaker-Zachery Gutknecht

                b.  Membership goals for next several years (2019-85 percent, 2020-95

                       percent).  Dick Sampson/John Fossum

                c.  Shore Captains update.   Connie  McDanel

                d.  ILIDS update by  Jon Blessing and Doug Goodman

                e.  Volunteer Ambassadors for boat landing.  Update by Jon Blessing.

                 f.  Other Business

     3.  Discussion on past members who still reside on Grace Lake.

     4.  Discussion on ILIDS options.  Jon Blessing and Doug Goodman shared

             options to continue camera and video at public landing through Lake

              Sentry.  Motion and second to go with option 3; only 3 months of service

              reminder of this year for $660.00.  Motion passed.     Lake Sentry was

              called during the meeting to start up asap.  Meeting later this summer will

               be held with Lake Sentry (Eric) and Board of Directors to discuss the

               future of the camera and video system.

     5.  Discussion on Ambassador Volunteers for late summer and early fall.

             Jon Blessing will  report on  their possible  use for this fall.

 Motion and second to adjourn meeting.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned by Vice Chair, Dick Sampson, at 10:00 a.m.


Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

Annual Meeting


Date:  June 2, 2018

Time: Meeting called to order at 10 am.

Location:  Bible Camp

Present:    Dick Sampson, Rick Black, Jon Blessing Ed Marthaler, Steve Novak  and many Grace Lake members

Guests:  Bruce Anspach




l.  Dick Sampson-Treasurer’s Report

Balance last year $11,169.80.  Balance this year $9,891.00.  AIS expenditure discussed.  115 members.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report. Motion seconded.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion passed.

2.  Connie McDanel-Shore Captains

Discussion of this new position.  Inform and foster good neighbor communications using specific volunteer leaders around the lake.  Volunteer Shore Captains:  Chris Christianson/Jan  Langan, Judy Demers, Kevin Fetsch, Betsy Humble-Thaden, Jordan Stearns, Cheryl Nyhlewn, Chuck Gillespie, Bob Brouse, Charl Sampson

Each volunteer responsible for certain group of neighbors.  Inform and keep group up to date on Assoc. happenings.

3. Ed Marthaler- Update on Lake Website and Facebook

Ed gave information on behalf of Doug Goodman

Website     gracelakebemidji.com

Facebook   Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

Doug’s email and phone number shared with members

4.  Bruce Anspach-AIS Coordinator for Beltrami Co.

Discussion on AIS inspection at public landing.

122 boat inspections so far in 2018 on Grace Lake.

Volunteer training program outlined for 2018

Public landing will have inspector or volunteers from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend (4-6 days of coverage each week)

Types of invasive species discussed.

Water Decontamination Unit discussed.

New volunteer training starting up.

Decon. Unit at Target Store –free service, 7 days a week. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Phone #218-760-8519

5.  Rick Black-Updates

Introduced other information/reports by Lake members

Water quality report.  Report on NW corner of lake.

Fourth of July parade 2:00 p.m. Start at Bible Camp.

Clean Water Quality Report.  40 percent of Minnesota Lakes classified as dead lakes (no fishing, no recreation).

Questions from the floor?

Page 20 of Clean Water Report be put on Website.

Questions on raising revenue (i.e. dues increase, rummage sale, hats/shirts)

Board to discuss second letter to lake owners not joining association.

Shore Captains urged to contact non-members also.

Jon Blessing

“Ambassadors” training and update.  Unpaid volunteers last year training Aug. 2017.  Training for new volunteers this year will be Aug. 2018. 

Jon will schedule volunteers.

Contact Jon for information

Jim Kramer

Update on “derelict house” NW corner of Grace Lake. Bob Brouse and Jim are attending  Frohn Township and Beltrami Co. Supervisor meetings.

Contact Kay Mack Beltrami Co. Admin. to ask for further action

Rocky Roxstrom

Beltrami Food Shelf and plastic bags

Rocky will collect all empty plastic bags for Food Shelf.

Drop off at cabin #4, Call of the Wild.

6.  Election of Board Members

 Members up for election-2 year term.

   Ed Marthaler, Dick Sampson, Rick Black, Jon Blessing.

Discussion on co-presidents in the future, nominating process, and ways to involve younger members.  Motion made to re-elect all four current Board members.  Motion seconded.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion passed.

Continue to look at options for future elections.



Grace Lake Watershed Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Date: May 12,2018
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Doug and Julie Goodman residence
Present: Dick Sampson, Doug Goodman, John Fossum, Rick Black, Steve Novak
Guests: Ed Marthaler
New Business:
1. Discussion on filing open Board seat
Motion and second to appoint Ed Marthaler
Motion passed
2. Discussion on Shore Captains with Connie McDanel
Connie has 8 volunteers
She will be on the agenda for our June meeting
3. Agenda for June Association meeting
Discussion of items for June meeting
Agenda will be mailed out and sent by email
Reports given:
l. John Fossum-Treasurer's Report
Balance as of June 3, 2017 $5,984.28. Balance as of May 12, 2018, $4,979.94
Discussion followed on the decrease, membership fees, lake access monitoring
2. Rick Black Report
No contract to monitor lake access camera. John Blessing will contact Eric.
Update on lake access monitors using DNR and volunteers
Motion and second to continue with monitoring 5 days a week for 16 weeks.
Motion passed. Rick will coordinate with Bruce.
Discussion on Bible Camp receiving additional funds for meetings.
Motion and second to give $100.00 to Bible Camp for use of facilities.
Motion passed.
Discussion on culverts at NW corner of lake. RMB website. Dick Sampson mentioned
Julie Blackburn, consultant, working on phosphates/Lake Irving.
Discussion on July 4 water parade.
Motion and second to have parade on July 4 at 2:00 p.m. Motion passed.
Bob Brouse will be asked to be committee chair for this event.
Lake residents reminded to pick up litter along our highway
Agenda topics for next year's yearly meeting-estate planning, cpr training, first
Jeff Forester will be speaking Turtle River Salem Church, May 23, 7:00 p.m.
Water Decontamination Unit behind Target Store, Bemidji
Meeting adjourned 11:45 am.

Grace Lake Watershed Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Date:  Sept. 16, 2017

Time:  1:00 p.m.

Location:  Doug and Julie Goodman residence

Present:  Jon Blessing, Dick Sampson, Doug Goodman, Rick Black,John Fossum

Guests:  Bob Brouse, Steve Novak

New Business:

 1.   Discussion on filling Jackie Gibbons vacant seat.

                        Motion and Second to appoint Steve Novak.

                        Motion passed.

              2.   Discussion on I-LID and third year of contract.

                         Beltrami County will opt out after this year.

                        Rick Black will contact our I-LID representative.

               3.  Discussion with Bob Brouse on request to meet with Kay Mack

Bob shared his letter concerning state buffer laws.

                        Consensus was send letter to Kay Mack , Beltrami Co. Admin.

                        Dick Sampson, Bob Brouse, and Jim Kramer to attend meeting

Reports given:

               1.  John Fossum- Treasurer's Report

                        Balance  to be carried over $4,261.00 .  Last year it was $4,900.00.

                        Paying dues members 115 out of 167. 67%  membership.

                        Discussed “Shore Captains” to work on increasing membership.  Dick

                           Sampson will head up this work.

                        Discussed getting information out to lake residents who might wish to include

                           a donation to Grace Lake in their will.  Jon Blessing will contact Northwest

                           Foundation (Nate Dorr) to attend our meeting next spring and given a presentation.

  1. Jon Blessing-Report on Ambassadors at boat landing.

   Total of boats reported so far in Sept. was 12.

   Suggested time changes for rest of month to catch boats entering Grace Lake.

               7:30 a.m.         4:00 p.m.   as possible start times

    Next year consider volunteers on weekends.


                  3.  Rick Black Updates

Beltrami Decontamination Unit

    free on-call service, located behind Target Store.

Inspector Budget for 2018

     budget amounts remain the same

Ambassador training by DNR

Meeting adjourned at 2:43 p.m.

Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association Board Meeting 8/18/17

Members Present: Rick Black, Dick Sampson, Doug Goodman, John Fossum


Called to order at 1 PM by President Black at the home of Doug Goodman

Treasurer Report

Total Spendable Assets (checking acct and NWMF Spendable fund)       $8,335.21

Due to Beltrami Cty for AIS inspectors through September 10th                 3,253.00

Available Balance                                                                                                $5,082.21

103 members have paid dues to date totalling $3,080.

September AIS inspections

Motion by Doug, second by Dick to expend funds to cover Beltrami County inspector time for weekends in September.

Discussion:  John relayed that the cost of staffing the 4 weekends after Labor Day would cost $1,029.12.  Agreement among members that this would be doable and leave enough in treasury going in to 2018. We started 2017 with $4,984 in spendable funds.

Result: Motion passed unanimously

AIS Training

  • There are 16 Grace Lake member volunteers for the training session to be held 8/25 in Bemidji
  • Volunteers can work the public access in September/October and next year.

County Road 4 Ditch Update

  • Dick Sampson to meet with Julie, a natural resources consultant, to discuss options for conserving the lake inlet and surrounding property.  Meeting on 8/29.

ILIDS Camera Contract

  • 3 year contract with Environmental Sentry Protection expires this fall
  • Beltrami county paid our annual maintenace cost of $1,314 again this year.  Bruce Anspach not sure if these funds will be available in 2018
  • Should the Association pay for this cost if the county grant doesn't pay it?
  • Rick relayed that Beltrami County will decide on this item as part of their meeting in late August.  Rick will report to the Board whether these expenses will be covered.
  • Board will discuss the issue at September meeting.

Captains Program

  • Dick mentioned the need to get someone on board or in association to develop and lead this program to disperse information about lake events, issues, volunteer opportunities etc.
  • Captains have volunteered for various sections of the lake- need someone to lead the project.
  • Will discuss further at the September board meeting.

Secretary Position

  • Discussion of need for new secretary after Jackie Gibbons submitted her resignation to Rick.
  • Members all agreed that Jackie did a great job and we appreciate her services while Secretary
  • Decision made to call board meeting for September 16th to discuss further when full board can be present.


  • Doug provided information on $38 million dollar bonding referendum from Cass Lake-Bena school board that will be on November ballot
  • Rick reported lake has dropped 6.6 inches since the spring.

Next Meeting

  • September 16th at 1 PM at Doug's house.

Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

Annual Meeting


Date:  June 3rd 2017

Time: Meeting called to order at 10 am.

Location:  Bible Camp

Present:  John Fossum, Jackie Gibbons, Doug Goodman, Dick Sampson, Rick Black, Jon Blessing and many Grace Lake dwellers

Guests:  Brian Halbasch, Morgan Gibbs, Greg Renn, Dan Kittilson, Bruce Anspach





Brian Halbasch

Deputy Sheriff Hubbard County, Emergency manager for county. 

There are substations in Farden-someone is often there but not always.  They cover 1000 sq miles. 

If you call 911 on your cell, they get your location off of GPS coordinates.


Call 218-732-3331 for non-emergencies. 

Morgan Gibbs

First Responder for North Country and Lakeport

All volunteer.  All money is donations.  They generally drive own vehicles.  They refresh their First Responder license every 2 years.  The County covers liability insurance. 

Let Rick know if anyone is interested in becoming a first responder.

John Fossum

Treasurer Report

11,169.80 todays balance.  3015 from private donations.  1250 from Farden.  250 from Frohn.  1860 Beltrami AIS grant.

88% of expenses go to Public Access Monitoring.  Motion to accept treasurer report.  Motion seconded.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion passed.

Greg Renn


Greg and Teresa Rehn are new Bible Camp caretakers.  Call Greg 751-6094 for prices- can rent all day or part of day.  Please call prior to visiting the camp or using the camp.

Doug Goodman-website and facebook

There are lots of adds on the Grace Lake web site.  Please let Doug know when your item has sold so he can remove it. The same goes for lost and found.  Doug has started a new Grace Lake facebook site. 

Website:  gracelakebemidji.com

Facebook:  Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

Dan Kittilson-

Past president of Hubbard County Cola (Coalition of Lake Associations)

There are 29 lake associations and 37 lakes in Hubbard.  Slideshow presentation:  Focus areas are tax study, economics of fishing, tourism and MN’s economy, and recreations/ecological value.

23,796 parcels in Hubbard (8949 parcels with water influence).

State funding is 8 Million-DNR budget for AIS.  There are local funds as well.

‘Lakeshore is individual property but lakes are a shared resource.’

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act”.  Albert Einstein.


Bruce Anspach

AIS coordinator for Beltrami

If Starry Stonewort comes-can’t use the lake anymore due to how thick it is.

The goal is to try and prevent AIS spread within the state.  We know how it is spread, we educate, and we continue to educate to achieve this.

Lifts and docks are huge vectors for AIS.

Question:  what if we end up with AIS here? Nothing can be done about mussels.  Some AIS can be managed. 

No decon station in Beltrami County.


When switching lakes, remove mud/plants.  Use hot water if you are switching lakes within 5 days or let dry if over 5 days.  Mussels die after 10 seconds at 140 degrees or 2 minutes at 120 degrees.


Dick Sampson passed out an article about ‘quarantining infected lakes’.  We don’t own the lake here thus this would require law changes.

Let Bruce know if you do or don’t see zebra mussels/new plants.  Look at docks, look at/under rocks at least twice a month.


Please let Rick or Bruce know if you can volunteer to inspect at access.  Training will be provided but we need enough volunteers to schedule the training.

Board Positions

Bob Brouse nominates Christine Imbra to replace Jim Kramer who resigned.  Jim had 1 year left of his term.  Christine has lived in Bemidji 45 years and on Grace lake for 25. She retired June 1st from her job as a Professor at St. Cloud State. The Board approves.

3 Board positions up for re-election:  Jackie Gibbons, John Fossum, Doug Goodman.  Motion to re-elect all three.  Motion seconded.  All in favor. None opposed.  Motion passed.



1. Only 1.5 inches of rain since ice out. Lake down 2.5 inches in one month.

2. Jet ski laws-9:30 a.m. to one hour before sunset.

3. Frohn township March meeting: concern from Frohn regarding our phosphorus going from Grace to Midge to Wolf.   Our response:  We have been working really hard at preventing increased Phosphorus levels in our lake.

4. Motion made to give 500 dollars to first responders.  After discussion, motion amended to 100 dollars.  Motion seconded.  All in favor, none opposed, motion passed to give 100 dollars to First Responders.

5. Rick mentioned that there are Grace Lake tshirts for sale at Clem’s Hardware store.  They are 25 dollars and 2 dollars of every purchase is donated to the Grace Lake Association.

6.  Nitrate well water testing-samples left in fridge to be picked up.  This speaker did not show. 

7.  Meeting adjourned at 11:45 by President Richard Black.


Grace Lake Watershed Association

Annual Meeting


Date:  June 4th

Time: Meeting called to order at 10 am.

Location:  Bible Camp

Present:  John Fossum, Jackie Gibbons, Jim Kramer, Doug Goodman, Dick Sampson, Rick Black and many Grace Lake dwellers

Guests:  Andy Thompson DNR, Bruce Anspach-Beltrami County Aquatic Invasive Species Lakes Technician





New members

Three new lake members introduced.  Welcome!!!


Andy Thomson presented the 2015 Grace Lake Fishery report

A 2015 assessment was done last summer.  This is a standard monitoring program that is done every 5 years.  It shows trends in fish abundance, growth, size structure, and age structure.  Gill nets and trap nets are used.

Look at the DNR website under ‘Lake Finder’ to see past and present fish assessments for Grace Lake.


Main species in Grace Lake are walleye, perch, and northern.  It is also a good bass lake.  Did not catch many crappies but would need a more targeted assessment for an accurate crappie count.  No muskies were captured.

The original main species in Grace were perch, northern, and pumpkinseed.


Sunfish:  There are two kinds in Grace Lake- Pumpkinseed and Bluegills.  Bluegills were introduced to Grace in the 1990’s.  There are still good numbers though not as many.  They will cycle again.  In 2008 there was a bacterial fish kill that reduced the Bluegill numbers.



Walleye:  Walleye were introduced to Grace in the 1940’s or so to capitalize on the huge perch population.  The walleye declined as northern were introduced.  Stocking was increased- Grace is the most heavily stocked lake in our area and perhaps the State.  Small and big walleye were found in this survey which is good. 


Perch:  numbers have declined though this took a while.  The lake is making good use of the perch and there are still plenty.  This means there still is a good predator population.


Northern pike:  The population has increased pretty steadily.  This helps control the perch.  There is still a great walleye population meaning that the walleye and northern can co-exist. 2010 was the all-time-high northern population.  2015 found not as many and not as many big ones.  Of note: usually when pike increase, their size will decrease.

There is a state wide proposal to change pike regulations.  This almost passed but was tabled.  Should expect this for next year.  There would be a 22-26 inch slot limit:  one or two over 26 inches, up to 10 below 22 inches.


New Bible Camp caretaker

Bob is the new Bible Camp caretaker.  Bob gave a short presentation.  Many conservative Lutheran churches support the Bible Camp.  The headquarters are in Minneapolis.  Let Bob know if you would like to have a family gathering at the Bible Camp.  It is only 16$a night per person to stay at the Bible Camp.


Bruce Anspach




Rick Black and Bruce went to the Hubbard County Annual meeting. 

Starry Stonewort was found in Lake Koronis.  This is an invasive algae from WI.  They did a treatment that cost 50K for 4-6 acres.  The treatment only killed the top layer of algae and did not kill the bottom layers.  Next they are going to try pulling up the plants-doing some studies.

Christmas Lake-has zebra mussels.  They thought they were isolated so did a treatment over winter that cost two to three hundred thousand dollars.  But….they then found zebra mussels outside the treatment area.  The zebra mussels in the treatment area were killed but so was everything else so they are not sure if the treatment worked in that area or if it was the lack of oxygen that killed everything.

There are more invasive species on the horizon.

Gene sequencing is almost complete for zebra mussels.



John Fossum- Treasurer Report

*11908.17 current balance, 1672.52 net increase

*about 5900 is endowment fund (NW MN Foundation), 5992.67 is spendable

The Board voted to spend much of the spendable funds on additional monitoring at the Access.  Beltrami County pays for 3 days, we will pay for 4 days.

There are 90 dues paying members.

Anyone may donate to the NW MN Foundation.  This is a tax deductible donation.  It is easy to donate on their website. 

Motion made, seconded, and carried to accept the Treasury report.

Doug to put information (or a link) on the Grace Lake Website for the NW MN Foundation.

Doug Goodman

Grace Lake Bemidji.com

Thank you to Vince Thoma and Judy Demers for updating the bylaws.  The bylaws are on the website.

The website has:  DNR link, special notices (example:  Rick Black’s letter to the Pioneer on AIS), meeting minutes, ILIDS (video at the access that takes pictures of boats going in and out of lake, says a message about preventing AIS…).

Send Doug pictures if you would like them on the website.

Doug will put a link to the ILIDS reports on the website.  Jackie will send out the password.


Motion to accept revised bylaws made by Carolyn Heglund.  Seconded by Doug Goodman.  All in favor, none opposed.  Motion carried.



Rick brought brochures, AIS education….  Help yourself.

If you boat on Cass Lake, please CLEAN YOUR BOAT before putting into Grace.  

Commercial dock/lift companies.  John Fossum checked with La Pier and they always save the infested lakes for last and then they decontaminate.  They have a rig just for Cass.  So…quiz these dock/lift companies before you hire them.  Randy R. will check with Boon docks to see what there policy/protocols are.

Pot latch:  they harvested the forest.

Engine brake zone signs should be up soon so we won’t hear the loud trucks going by on hwy 2.

There was one break-in caught in progress over the winter.  Please always be on the look-out for suspicious activity and report it. 




Amy stated that she is doubtful that we will get the 1250 donation from Farden next year unless more lake members show up for the meeting.  The budget meeting is always the 2nd Tuesday of March.  Other lakes don’t get the money so there is some debate over this.


Bob Brouse stated that Frohn gave 250 last year.  He tried for 1250 last year but hasn’t gotten anything other than a letter from their lawyers outlining guidelines for their donations.  Frohn meetings are every third Tuesday of the month at 6 P.M.  Come if you can.

It would be helpful if a notice was sent out to Grace Lake dwellers to remind them of this meeting.


Dick Sampson, Rick Black, Jim Kramer, and Jon Blessing up for re-election.  Opened up to the floor to see if anyone is interested in one of these positions.  Shore Captain idea presented and list passed around in case anyone would like to sign up to be on committees to help out the Board.

Motion to re-elect Dick, Rick, Jim, and Jon made.  Motion seconded.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion passed.



Minnesota Lakes and Rivers:  exists to protect MN Lakes and Rivers.  Jeff Forester is the director.  A full time Lobbyist is the only paid position for this organization.  They lobbied and got 10 million dollars for 10 years for AIS.  They help to decrease cabin taxes.  There is a link on the Grace Lake website for MLR.  Can donate individually to this organization and it is tax deductible.



The NW MN Foundation can perhaps do a study of our outlet- hoping for this fall.  Rick is going to Park Rapids with the Hubbard County DNR Rep.  Our goal is to maintain a consistent lake elevation.  The outlet was built in 1950 with taxpayer monies.  We are trying to figure out what organization should maintain the outlet.  The lake is down 1.6 inches since spring, is 4/10th’s higher than usual.  The outlet is flowing but it is slow.  I gets blocked with sand and tree debris so doesn’t often flow properly.



Amy made a motion to increase dues to 40 dollars. Concern that we won’t get the 1250 from Farden along with the extra cost for staffing the access 4 days a week that we won’t have enough funds.  Discussion that increasing the due to 40 might cause us to loose members.  Motion changed to 30 dollars, motion seconded, all in favor, no opposed, motion passed.  This will take effect next year.  People can donate more if they would like. 




2016 Treasurer's Report Available upon Request

Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association Board meeting 5/17/2016

Members present:  Rick Black, Jim Kramer, Jon Blessing, Dick Sampson, Doug Goodman, Jackie Gibbons

Absent:  John Fossum

Guests:  Robert Brouse

Called to order at 7 P.M. by President Rick Black at the home of Doug Goodman.













6142.67 spendable money available.  Rick suggested we use some of that money to have Inspectors at the access 7 days a week (Grace Lake pays for 4, Beltrami County pays for 3). 


Received 1250 from Farden township. 


Concern expressed regarding budget for next year- may only have 2 or 3,000. 

Motion made by Jim Kramer for the Grace Lake Assoc to fund inspectors 4 days of the week and Beltrami County 3 days.  Motion seconded by Dick Sampson.  All in favor. 


Will raise more money if we need it.

Zebra mussel detectors

Several individuals around the lake have these.


MN Lakes and Rivers

Membership is 150$and we did not pay it last year.  Most of the members receive the MN Lakes and Rivers emails except for Doug for some reason.

Rick recommends we continue this membership. 

MN NW Foundation

Has funds available for projects. 

A project suggested for Grace Lake is the outlet (it is plugged now).

Rick reported that the lake is 3.6 inches higher than it is supposed to be. 

Bob Blessing will talk to Nate from MN NW Foundation regarding outlet restoration/cleaning/damn.

Inspection Results

Rick handed out 2015 inspection results.  Total inspections were 1698 (886 entering, 812 exiting).  Plants, animals, water or mud was found on 33 of the watercraft entering the lake. 62 of the 889 came from zebra mussel infested waters.  2 watercraft had to be decontaminated before launching into the lake.  Zebra infested waters close to Grace Lake include Wolf Lake, Lake Andrusia, Cass Lake.  The Grace lake Watershed Improvement Assoc raised 4881.04 for inspections in 2015.

Rick will try to get some AIS brochures that could be handed out.

Engine Brake Zone

An Engine Brake Zone is now from 1 mile East and 1 mile West of County Road 45 (to help quiet the truck noise).


Grace Lake Meeting June 4th

Jeff Forester unable to attend.

09:30 donuts, 10:00 meeting, will be at Bible Camp.

Speaker:  DNR regarding the fish count. 


Jackie to send out via email and mail the meeting notice:  include on the agenda the Fish Count DNR presentation, AIS summary for the 2015 inspections, and the Wetland discussion.


Doug to go over how to access the ILIDS reports.

Link to BCLARA’s website is also on the Grace Lake website.


Should we give out tokens (like key chains) at the Access as an incentive/reward for clean boats?

Not enough funds at this time unless the ‘tokens’ would be donated.

Turtle River Meeting

Rick is going to this meeting next Wed. There is a talk on land values on AIS infected lakes.  There is a study regarding this topic.  Professor Welle will be presenting.



Jim Kramer discussed that meetings are on-going.  The DNR is in support of a water retention/holding area, the land owner Mike is in favor, the County and US Government are not in favor.  Waiting on the engineering report which should be out very soon.  We might harm the wetland by the inlet by altering it.  There is a Dike idea but this reduces the size of the wetland.  Also, since our watershed is so large, this small area may not make a difference. 

Other idea mentioned by Dick:  the Hubbard culvert- we could try to reduce the water flow in that culvert.  

Can we get DNR Andy and land owner Mike McFarlan to come to the June meeting?  Dick and Jim will talk to Mike. 


2 more changes presented by Jackie.

Dick made a motion to accept the changes and Rick seconded.  All in favor.





According to the bylaws, 4 positions are up for election.  Discussion on whether to increase the number of people on the Board-this would require changing the bylaws again or… to have more members on committees.  Committees that may be formed include ‘shore captains’, adopt a highway, fundraising, membership, outlet….

Jackie will send the revisions to Doug to put on the Grace Lake website.

Will vote on changes with Grace Lake Association members at June meeting.


Will keep current number of Board members but get others involved in committees.  Dick, Jim, Jon, and Rick volunteered to be up for re-election.  They are very willing to continue their role on the Board.

At the June meeting, we will send a sheet around asking who would be interested serving on a committee or being a ‘shore captain’.



Bob Brouse presented his frustration with Frohn township.  He requested a 250 dollar contribution.  Frohn in turn went to their lawyers and came back with a lot of paperwork outlining guidelines for their money giving.  Bob presented a draft of a letter to the Grace Lake Board in response to Frohn’s ‘donation guidelines’. 

Rick will sign and send out Bob’s letter to Frohn.


Discussion on a letterhead and logo.  Loon was discussed as a good logo.


Trailer parked at a property for a long time- looks trashy.

Township only allows trailer for certain amount of time and that time is up.


Jim Kramer presented the Bemidji Brewing Company idea “Pint Night”.  A portion of the proceeds go to the group in attendance.  He has left a message with Bemidji Brewing to look further into this.


Doug presented a fundraising idea:  House tours.

Jon Blessing will look into.



Doug will speak with the property owner.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 P.M.

Minutes by Jackie Gibbons

Grace Lake Watershed Association

Board Meeting

Date:  August 21st

Time: Meeting called to order at 8:37 a.m.

Location:  Environmental Services

Present:  John Fossum, Jackie Gibbons, Jim Kramer, Doug Goodman, Dick Sampson, Jon Blessing, Rick Black

Guests:  Bruce Anspach, Vince Thoma, Judy DeMers, Bob Brouse





Bruce- AIS update Beltrami County

*648 hours were logged by inspectors at landing.  This is double the hours compared to other lakes due to the Association financial contributions (4800$).



*Car Counters- Grace was 6th busiest in the county of the 20 lakes with car counters.  This equates to an average of 35.4/day.  Saturday is the busiest of the week, Monday is the slowest.  6 PM there is a spike in activity so we might not be catching boaters at this time of day since the inspectors leave at 6.  Fish opener and Memorial Day had the biggest spikes for days.  June was the busiest month. 


*May need to change the inspector times at the landing to accommodate later than 6.

*One possible violation caught on camera but unable to identify if it was a weed or rope/strap hanging from boat.




*Zebra mussel detector- Jackie has one.  Bruce would like another one on the lake.  Also, please remind lake dwellers to check docks/boats/lifts for zebra mussels this fall.  If zebra mussels are caught early, then something can actually be done about it.  Small areas can be treated!  Call the DNR as soon as possible if zebra mussels detected.

*Jackie will send an email to lake owners to check boats/lifts/docks when they are removed from the water (Jackie is meeting with Carolyn Heglund in late August or early September to get the lake e-mail addresses from her).


*Camera location- right now it shows boats launching.  Would it be better to show boats after they exit the lake?  Bruce mentioned that in order to prosecute, the landing and the water must be visible in the camera. 


Next year:  will reassess location.

*Can we use county money for additional inspectors instead of using more money on the camera?  The camera is 1200 a year which will eventually become the responsibility of the Association if we continue to use it.


*Bruce will follow up to see if money can be spent on more inspectors instead of more on the camera.

Vince and Judy- presented Bylaws update to reflect current practices

*Each Board member received a copy of the Bylaws with recommended changes. The Board recommended clarifying the title (Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association).

*Jackie made a motion to approve the Bylaws with the recommended changes and have these Bylaws presented at the spring meeting to the Association members for their vote.  Bob 2nd the motion.  All approved.

*Rick thanked Judy and Vince for their time and effort put into this project.

*Jackie will send Bylaws to Doug Goodman to post on website.  In the spring, members will be reminded to review them and can get a hard copy if necessary.

*Members need to approve- will present at Spring meeting.


Jackie had to leave.  The following minutes were taken by Vince Thoma.


Report on land by Access

*Bob Brouse: Sale is pending.  Waivers needed by Frohn township and Beltrami County before prospective owner can take possession.   Appears some 12 acres.  Michael McFarlene (N.W.Landscaping) is potential buyer.  Plans to build house with boardwalk to lake. 

*Jim suggested the Board go to see the buyer. 

*Suggested also that someone from the Board go to the Frohn Township annual picnic in September.

*Bob Brouse and Jim Kramer will go to see the buyer.  They will ask the township inspector to go with them (Jim Baruth 333-0172).  A follow-up meeting of the Board will be scheduled as soon as Dick and Jim meet with the prospective buyer.


John Fossum- Treasurer Report

*10,235$spring balance, 12,036 current

*about 5900 is endowment fund, 6143 is spendable




*John reported the DNR has completed its survey. 

*Prospective spring meeting set for 5-28-2016

*Some discussion evolved on the nature of “contribution-tax exempt status” of our Association.


*Question asked- Do we have Director’s insurance? 

*This matter will be looked into at future Board Meeting.

*Meeting adjourned at 10:35




Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

May 30, 2015

          The annual spring meeting of the Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association was held on May 30, 2015 at the Bethany Bible Camp.  President Rick Black opened the meeting at 10 AM by introducing the board members.   He also introduced Brenda and Scott Mayer, the new owners of the Grace Lake Bar, who mentioned some of the changes they have made and invited the lake folks to be sure to drop in and try out the new menu items.  He also thanked both Farden and Frohn townships for the donations made to our association for our battle against AIS.  (Aquatic Invasive Species)

            President Black then introduced Vicki, our access inspector, who explained the 3 to 5 minute inspection process and then answered a few questions about her job.  The information she collects for her survey is sent to the state and eventually the DNR.

John Fossum gave the Treasurer’s report.  We have $4,093.51 in the spendable account and $6,142.14 in the endowment fund.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept his report.

Carolyn Hegland went through some of the highlights of the minutes of the last meeting and made some announcements about keeping the directory updated.  Please be sure to keep the secretary in mind when you change phone numbers or addresses.

President Black introduced Bruce Anspach who is the Beltrami County Aquatic Invasive Species Lakes Technician.  He reported that they have gone from 9 inspectors last year to 33 who are working from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekends inspecting boats in Beltrami County.  He is also doing Risk Assessments on the area lakes to see which ones are more likely to be infected.  There is a link on our website, www.gracelakebemidji.com, about this assessment.  Bruce commented on the new I-LIDS program that is being used as an educational tool on the Grace Lake Access.  Grace Lake also has one of the 20 car counters in the county.  Bruce’s office is working on additional educational programs and is working with the Sheriff’s Department to insure the safety of the county’s inspectors.  As the continue to work on the AIS Management Plan the county is seeking public input and watching legislation changes to advocate for best practices.  One of the more interesting items that may not be well understood is that you are supposed to wait 21 days to sell any moored equipment after you take it out of the water.  (Docks, rafts, lifts, etc.)   

A question was raised about a decontamination station, but it was explained that they are very costly.  The water must reach 140 degrees in order to work.  His office is working toward helping private marinas with grants to purchase the needed equipment and the certification to offer the service.  He is currently working with Cass County to start more inspections and informed us that they do have a decontamination unit at their Hiway 2 landing. 

Various samples of AIS were passed around for the members to see which prompted a question about our snail population.  Bruce explained that the Banded Mystery Snails are cyclical and the numbers will escalate and then disappear only to start the cycle again.  They are not on the AIS list at this time but are probably the cause of our swimmers itch.  The best thing to do is rub your skin dry or shower immediately after you swim.  Bruce commented on how important volunteers are to the inspection program.  At this time we have 8 people trained as level one inspector on Grace Lake.  In order to become an AIS Ambassador you need to take a class and one can be scheduled if we have 20 people to attend.

Doug Goodman spoke about our new I-LIDS solar operated system that was installed last week at the public landing.  The Internet Landing Installed Device Sensor takes videos as someone drives into the landing area.  It can identify both the boat and the vehicle and sends that video to a website that our association can access.  It is mostly checking for the same items that the inspector checks for.  (Weeds, plugs, etc)  It is a strategy to increase awareness and compliance among boaters and reduce the risk of AIS infestations.  It plays an audio reminder to boaters on how to inspect and clean their boats prior to launching.  Doug explained that this system was funded with a grant and thanked Bob Brouse and the Association Board Members for all of their work this winter in securing the grant and installing the system.

Doug spoke briefly about our website and encouraged members to check all of the links to various lake information as well as our own want ads.  His e-mail address is posted so that all members can send him items they would like to see on the site.  www.gracelakebemidji.com  Doug remarked that there are also three Face Book pages called Grace Lake, but none of those are through this association.

Dick Sampson commented on the need for more members to volunteer to be trained inspectors.  We are using the funds we received from the townships to pay for additional DNR inspectors, but that still does not cover the hours we would like to have the landing monitored.

Carolyn Hegland spoke briefly about the need to have the by-laws of our association updated especially in terms of how we rotated the board members.  Judy Demers had volunteered earlier to work on this and Vince Thoma volunteered at the meeting.

Jackie Gibbons volunteered to run for the office of secretary and was elected with a unanimous vote.

The property for sale on the northwest side of the lake was brought up for discussion.  A question was asked about whether the DNR was still interested in purchasing it.  Part of the discussion was that the DNR will only pay the assessed value and that the property owners are asking more for the parcel.  A suggestion was made that we might assess property owners in order to gather enough funds to supplement what the DNR is willing to pay.  However some were questioning what the DNR has in mind to do with it once they purchase it.  Jackie Gibbons volunteered to contact Gary Benard to inquire about the status of that property.  Vince Thoma volunteered to work on the bylaws to see if there is a procedure spelled out as to how to gather funds for such a proposal.

The winter’s ice ridge problem was brought up and President Black explained that the first year you have damage from the ice pushing up a ridge on your lakeshore; you may have it removed by mechanical means.  If you wait until the next summer it would require a permit to do such work.

Jim Kramer reminded the group that the association has adopted certain portions of the road around Grace Lake and asked that each landowner be sure to pick up littler in the ditches especially on their own property.

President Black gave some fun facts about the lake.  Did you know that the 8 inches of rain we received recently actually put over 168 million gallons of water into the lake?  The level went up about 6 inches!  On May first the clarity was at 26 feet and even after the rains it was still 21 feet on May 27.

 After asking for other items and hearing none, the meeting was adjourned.

Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association
June 3 2012


          The regular spring meeting of the Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association met at the Bethany Bible Camp on June 3, 2012.  The meeting was called to order at 1 PM by President Rick Black.  He introduced the board, thanked the ladies who provided coffee, and introduced the new members.   The secretary’s report was not read to save time for a lengthy agenda.  John Fossom gave the treasurer’s report in which he mentioned that nine members received funds from the lakeshore restoration grant.  Our garage sale netted $2,000 last year and we currently have 113 dues paying members.

          During committee reports Jim Kramer reported that he had caps for sale with Grace Lake logos for $15.00.  This will be a fundraiser for the Association.

          There was a motion from the floor to re-elect the present board positions.  It was passed by a unanimous ballot.

At this time four young men presented a program about their 4-H Aquatic Project.  Brendon Speck, Brent Balmer, Ryan Speck and Kyle Norvold have built a robot that will do underwater tests for ph and oxygen levels.  They hope to monitor and locate invasive species and also find and pick up trash.  Later in the meeting it was suggested that they submit a request for funding from the association to help them with additional equipment.

Christine Herwig presented a 2012 update on Aquatic Invasive Species.  She defined these as non-native species that cause ecological or economical problems for the lake.  There are new watercraft and bait container draining rules in place.  Boaters should clean all plants and animals off of their boats, drain all water and keep the drain open when their boat comes out of the water.  There is an online course explaining how to clean boats, trailers, lifts, dock etc.  Keeping them out of the water for 21 days is one method.  If you find a species of plants or animals that you are concerned about, collect a sample with some lake water and take it to the DNR Office.  You will need to let them know where and when you found the sample.  

Under old business President Black reported that the loon nest has been placed back on the lake.  Please avoid getting too close to it as you are boating.

An inquiry was made about a camera being placed at the boat landing to monitor whether or not people are draining their boats and checking for invasive species.  The board will look into the possibility.

Under new business Doug Goodman reported that the web site for the association was up and running.  It is located at   http://gracelakebemidji.com/

He encouraged members to send him pictures to place on the site.  There are several interesting links available to members to help them research topics important to the lake.  You can email Doug from there with other suggestions.

          Connie McDanel gave information to the group about water quality from the Department of Health.  If you want to look on the Dept. of Health’s website there is a list of 10 containments that you can control as a consumer.  She also recommended two books: Raising Elijah by Sandra Steingrabber and Our Stolen Future.

          President Black reported the lake level was down 1.7 inches from last year.

          Dick Sampson addressed the idea of having another Garage Sale.  The board had discussed this and suggests that we do this every other year.  The group agreed so we will be looking for volunteers to help organize one in 2013.

President Black thanked everyone for their part in the meeting, asked for additional business and finding none the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Hegland, Secretary

Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

June 1 2013


          The annual spring meeting of the Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association was held on June 1, 2013 at 9:30 am at the Bethany Bible Camp.  The meeting was called to order by Rick Black at 9:45 as he thanked Froseths and Roxtroms who provided treats to have with coffee.  President Black introduced Tiffany and Tim Peterson who purchased the Tunseth property and became new members of the association.

          John Fossum presented the treasurer’s report stating that we have $6,427.58 in spendable income.  The secretary’s reported was not read as it is on the web site for those who wish to read it.

          President Black mentioned the caps and shirts that were available for purchase and thanked Jim Kramer and Zaida Novak for taking on these projects to raise money for the association.

          President Black introduced the first speaker for our meeting, Tom Lembrick, who is the advisor for the Beltrami County 4-H Robotics Team.  Daniel Schnackenberg, a newer member of the team, attended with him; however others were busy with graduation ceremonies and could not be with us.  At the present time the team is using a video camera to do studies on the lake, but they hope to continue their partnership with the association by creating a robot that will take core samples from the bottom to measure phosphorus levels.  Tom had several examples and pictures of various possibilities that the boys could create. 

          Jackie Gibbons was our next speaker.  This winter she spent quite some time working on an analysis of our aerial survey and presented the results to the group.  She had specific suggestions for properties around the lake on how to correct possible harmful runoff.  There were also general suggestions for all property owners to help reduce the amount of phosphorus going into the lake.  Those suggestions will be included at the end of these minutes.  President Black thanked Jackie for taking on this task and doing such a good job of reporting.  In addition, members were reminded that if they have their septic system inspected and find that it is in compliance, the association will pay $50.00 toward that expense.

          At the last BCLARA meeting, association board members were given information about Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS).  Doug Goodman presented an 11 minute video about these plants and animals that are not native to our lakes and would harm the natural balance of the lake by taking away food from our normal plants and fish.  Several members are going to be trained to inspect boats at a meeting in Lake George.  If interested other members should contact Rick Black.  Doug will put the video on our website to provide information to the membership.

          Our website address is www.gracelakebemidji.com.  Please bookmark this site and check it often.  There are several links that are helpful to members.  You may also place ads for items you wish to buy or sell.

          Under Old business items, Dick Sampson reminded us that Jet Skis are not allowed to go within 150 feet of boats and docks.  They are not to be on the lake until 9:30 am and should be off 1 hour prior to sunset.  The 2013 Boating Act is one of the helpful links located on the website.

          Jim Kramer also reminded the group that we are a part of the Adopt a Highway program in Beltrami County.  Property owners are asked to clean their ditches regularly.  Others who walk every day were asked to take a bag along and pick up items as they discover them.  Carolyn Kolstoe was thanked for her great job of cleaning the ditches as she takes her walk each day!

          It was announced that the association is in support of the OT Hegland property being sold to the DNR through the Legacy Funding.  The plan for this wetland is for a filtration system to help protect the lake from runoff. 

          President Black announced that the loon nest has been place near the DNR property on the lake.  Please keep boats and jet skis away from it!  

          Lake elevation is up 15.6 inches since last fall and was at 1328.2 when it was checked last according to President Black.

          At the end of the meeting Dick Wiley thanked the 4-H advisor for the interesting program on the robotics project.  He donated $100.00 and has challenged others to encourage the boys to continue their work in this area.  It is estimated that just the parts needed to create a robot large enough to do core samples may be as high as $3,000.  If you are interested in meeting Dick’s challenge contact one of the members of the board listed on the website.

          After asking for other items and hearing none, the meeting was adjourned.


Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association

August 24th, 2013

          The fall meeting of the Grace Lake Watershed Improvement Association was held on August 24, 2013 at 9:30 am at the Bethany Bible Camp.  The meeting was called to order by Rick Black at 10:00 as he introduced the board of directors attending.  President Black also took this opportunity to thank Jackie Gibbons for her work on an analysis of our aerial survey and for making sure each member of the association received their copy.

          John Fossum was not able to attend so Carolyn Hegland read the treasurer’s report stating that we have $7,748.67 in spendable income.  A motion was made by Donna Gillig and seconded by Betsy Thaden to accept the Treasurer’s report.  The secretary’s reported was not read as it is on the web site.   

Doug Goodman gave an update on the robotics project by reading a letter from Tom Lembrick, who is the advisor for the Beltrami County 4-H Robotics Team.  They are continuing to work on their project to build a robot that will collect core samples from the bottom of the lake.  After presenting their project to the state 4-H board they received a $4,000 grant!

          Next there was information presented about Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS).  Our association has been very proactive in this area.  Dick Sampson reported on the Camera that was installed at the public access.  The DNR met with the board shortly after and stated that we needed permission to place it there.  A letter of apology was sent and another meeting will be held to discuss whether or not we can leave the camera in place.  While at the access we pointed out that we have boulders that need to be removed and a large hole filled in that the larger motors have created as they are taken out of the lake.  The DNR will take care of both of these projects.  We were given permission to put up a kiosk at the access to hold informational signs for boaters who use the lake.

          Dick Sampson went on to report about the AIS inspections that were held at the access this summer.  The DNR started these inspections periodically on July 26th.  We received a detailed report about the number of boats going on and off of the lake and what the inspectors found during the inspection.  Three members of the Grace Lake Board attended the Farden Township meeting to ask that next year we can increase the number of inspection with the township sharing the cost.  Ken Grob, chair of the county’s AIS Task Force, gave a good presentation on behalf of our association pointing out that 42% of the property taxed is water related and that protecting these waters should be a priority.  Farden is one of the only townships that does not presently help pay for such inspections and is being asked to pay half of the $4,800 it would cost next summer.  There are plans to also ask Frohn Township to help with those expenses.  Members of the association are encouraged to talk to their township board members in support of paying for inspections.

          After these updates the floor was opened for questions or other business items.  A discussion was held about the watershed property belonging to the OT Hegland estate that is now for sale.  The Grace Lake Board has been working with the DNR to try to have this property purchased by them in order to keep improving the water quality.  However the grants needed by the DNR office to make such a purchase take some time to be processed.  There were suggestions from the floor that the Association might purchase the land to insure that it not be sold before the DNR gets approval.

          A request was made concerning “free” items put out at the end driveways.  Please try to limit such items to three days or less so that they don’t become an eyesore.  Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

          Another suggestion was to consider slot limits on the lake.  If you have any feelings on this issue please let a board member know before the spring meeting.

          Rick Black announced that the county will be holding another training next spring for those willing to help with AIS inspections at the public access or merely for your own knowledge.  If you are interested please contact Rick or e-mail the secretary at glakeassociation@outlook.com

          Dick Sampson introduced Gene and Carolyn Roebeck and congratulated Gene on his retirement and excellent coaching career at UND by reading an article listing his accomplishments as a coach. 

Dick then presented Present Rick Black with the Keith Mooney Award for all of his hard work keeping our association on task and for his dedication to improving the quality of Grace Lake.  Rick thanked everyone for the honor and went on to explain that his family has been on the lake since 1933 and for him it is a labor of love.

          A reminder:  Our website address is www.gracelakebemidji.com   Please bookmark this site and check it often.  There are several links that are helpful to members.  You may also place ads for items you wish to buy or sell.

          After asking for other items and hearing none, the meeting was adjourned by President Black.


Respectfully submitted by

Carolyn Hegland, Secretary


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