Grace Lake Ice Fishing January 2017 on a beautiful day!!  CJ the dog is guarding the bait. 
Jim Kramer and Rick Black drilling the access hole.

Nine loons together!!  WOW

Please email Doug Goodman at and send photos

This is a collection of old photos that Vonnie Goodman had about Grace Lake.  Rowing in the boat was Vonnie's sister Bev Bentz.
Posing under Babe was Bev, Vonnie and Bev's friend Glendora Werblow.
The third and fourth picture is Dean Davis Resort.
The fifth picture is Doug Goodman's Grandmother, Vonnies mother, Cleo Skarsbo in front of the Curran Cabin now and at the time Dean Davis Resort.
The sixth picture Doug Goodman's Grandfather on the left Grandmother on the right and Bev in the middle. They are posing in front of the Boese Cabin which is now owned by the Fetsch Family.
Photos of the former Call o the Wild Resort!!!
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