The following is a letter written by Rick Black and submitted to the Bemidji Pioneer.  The Pioneer did run a full front page story on AIS on the same day.

April 28, 2016


Dear Editor,

One year ago this month, the Bemidji Pioneer published an article which revealed that “Lake Bemidji holds one of the highest  risk levels for zebra mussel infestation out of studied lakes in Beltrami county.” This was reported by the County Board of Commissioners.

Thanks to the educational efforts of leaders in Beltrami and Hubbard county, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and volunteers in associations representing lakes near Bemidji, such as Grace Lake and Turtle River, we have thus far prevented the invasion of zebra mussels and other invasive species in most of our local lakes. Credit is also due to the Northwest Minnesota Foundation for their grant to fund the installation of a “Internet Landing Installed  Device Sensor (I-LIDS)” in several lakes which welcome boaters at  public access landings and remind them to check their boat and trailer for invasive hitchhikers.(See June 3, 2015 front page, Bemidji, Pioneer.)

Today, because our collective pre-emption efforts ,  children playing in Diamond Point, Cannon Beach, and other recreation venues do not have to worry about having their hands and feet cut and bloodied by zebra mussels. The natural food chain is preserved; Loon habitats are protected; boaters and swimmers are not threatened by dense mats of Eurasian Watermilfoil; fishing lines do not have to compete with Curley-leaf Pondweed which also cause algal blooms; and, unlike Mille Lacs Lake, catching Walleyes will not be restricted.

The good news is, because of boat inspections, only two of the above are currently found in Beltrami County lakes;  Retailers , hotels and Sanford Center will not see a reduction in tourism and shopping;  resort owners, marinas, and  water recreation watercraft owners ,can look forward to safe and enjoyable summers.

North Dakota has about 80,000 registered watercraft; Wisconsin many times more. Both states are stepping up their education and compliance regarding pulling boat plugs and draining of livewells,  baitwells and motors before leaving a body of water.  This bodes well for our interstate cooperation.

Rick Black, President

Grace Lake Watershed Development Association

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